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Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Plot Synopsis and inspirations.

So I've decided ot change my idea. I"m sorta freaking out over it, because i'm running out of time, but I've made the decision and I love love love my idea. :)

Here's my plot synopsis. Let me know what you think. :)

A young man walks into a clearing in the woods in the midday. He walks between trees and sees where a tree has been cut down. He sits on the stool and starts playing his lute. He plays and then begins to sing a little. He's startting to get into his song. Feeling it emotionally. He's in solitude where he can finally be alone and comfortable. As he's playing his song, a woman appears from behind the bushes. LIstening to his song, their eyes meet. She is a beautiful woman with long hair that is constantly smiling. She walks over to him and puts a flower in his hair. From there, she starts to dance around him as he plays his song. After a while she dances into the forest, tempting him to come with her. he stops playing and follows her into the forest.

AT this point, it is getting darker and the forest becomes more mysterious and dark. There seems to be an aura around her as she dances around and through the forest. The man is following her, enchanted by her beauty. He follows her into yet another clearing. This time, the clearing has a body of water. A small lake. The lake seems to be enchanted somehow, illuminating light. She disrobes and gets into the water slowly. He walks towards the water wanting to join, but not wanting to get his lute wet. He begins to put his lute down, when she grabs his leg desperately and attempts to pull him in. He's taken by surprise by this and he attempts to steady himself. She is insistent and continues to pull in into the water. Pulling him harder and harder. She seems deranged. Something is off about her. Her features become sunken and appear elderly. The man is in histeria. He cant seem to free himself from her grasp. In an act of desperation, he raises his lute and hits her over the head. the lute breaks in half, but she is almost unfazed. He takes the broken lute and plunges it into her chest, killing her. She sinks back into the water and disappears. The man finally frees himself from her grasp and has no idea what to do with himself. He picks up the broken lute and walks off, alone, and distraught into the darkness. His body silhouettes.

I want it to feel like, again, fever ray music videos.

These in particular, i guess.. I'm gonna spend some time trying to figure out what it is about these music videos I love so much and then try to inject that into my film making.

I want it to be inspired by some sort of fusion between Klimt and John William Waterhouse.

I"m going to work on trying to emulate a "painted" look via photshop. We'll see how that goes. :)

I'm really inspired and ready to goooo!!!