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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Beginning Production time

Hey guys! So for the past few weeks I've pretty much gone RIGHT into production with my film. I've faced some problems and some surprising things! Either way, I'm having fun. I'm dead set on getting this film done. :)

Well first things first. I made a final version of my animatic

If you're notice, this version is 2 minutes, where as the other one was 3! so I'm really happy with the length of this animatic because I think it's possible to get it done!!!

I've been going frame to frame in my animatic to find out how many frames each scene is. I'm going to try my best to make my film sync up to my animatic.

I had a MAJOR PROBLEM last week. So i've been working on my backgrounds, getting a lot done a head of time, ect. Then I discovered that we were supposed to do our films in HIGH DEFINITION. Aye.. So i had to spend a good few days fixing backgrounds. :(

But after I fixed my bagrounds, I wanted to do a motion test. So I fully animated and colored a scene.

I really liked the way it came out. I discovered that I had a tone down the flicker a little bit. My film workshop teacher said that I could tone it down a little more. We'll see. If there's one thing i learned it's that it takes like...really long to do this. I learned a way to color quickly, which basically requires gapless line art. I've been trying to find some people that want to color for me. I found 2, but I dont think I'll be doing any clean up any time soon. Takes too long and i should focus on animation. We'll see.

I feel like I"m ahead of schedule, yet still behind schedule. Because even though I've finished a lot, there's still a lot on my schedule that I haven't. We'll see. I'm still trying to catch up. Doesn't help that I was sick for this entire past week. aye.

I'm determined to finish~!! Wish me luck.