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Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hey guys. Thought I'd update you on my film progress. only 18 days left before it's due and boy let me tell YOU I am stressing. Sleep? What's sleep? Break, what's that? Partying the Annex? That is a sinners place. Work work work.

MUSIC BY: Ryan Studer.

So I have to retract my previous comment about taking back the vis dev direction. I'm going to stick to my guns and hope it all goes well. D: Wish me luck. My workshop teacher told me that it's better to just go for it because it'll mean I wont have to go back and fix it later. so that's what i"m going to do. I am determined! I'm getting closer and closer to having no more animatic in there. Hopefully there wont be a single pose test. I'm focusing on animation now. Not going to give time to vis dev YET. My goal is to finish by, at the very latest, the 20th.

Wish me luck!!

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