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Friday, October 22, 2010

Film: Character and Story Concepts

Another post, yay.

So last weekend, I decided to devote some time into drawing the characters for my film. Just sorta drawing and searching and seeing where it all takes me. I'm trying to be pretty open minded, but i often find, i settle with this pretty quickly and I'm easily inspired.

Sorta searching here. I was really trying to figure out my character and the male rolemodel he wanted to be.

I came up with this character for the male character he aspired to be. It's the second real sorta character that I had figured out. In retrospect, I wasn't sure how much i liked him, but you gotta start somewhere. :)

I decided that there should be some sort of elder. Some older figure that leads them into taking the test. Someone who's been there and done that, ect. So I did this guy.

Out of all my characters, I really like this one the most. He's the one character who I really want to do some sort of dialouge with. w

I did this lineup just to see what the characters looked like next to eachother. I was I was drawing this, I sorta thought about him being an older character. Initially he was a kid. But looking at the videos about the rites of passage, all these boys are a bit older. And even though they may be young in our culture to be "men" they are still old enough to be men if they really wanted to or needed to.

So I did a few darwing of him. First incarnation so he's most likely gonna change! But I liked this so far.

So since he was going to be an older guy, I thought about some sort of trial that he'd go through. I figured that maybe when he goes into the caccoon, he'd face some sort of spirit. Then I started thinking about what sort of spirit would this be? What would they look like. Since he was an older guy, I figured, I'd make the spirit a pretty girl.

After I drew this, I thought about her seducing him and then turning into something sinister. So I figured she'd turn into this

And he'd have to kill her, to pass the trial. I wanted to play with the whole concept of the Madonna/Whore. The sort of thing that a lot of men fantasize about. But I'm going to save you the feminist banter and I'll allow you to look that up on google if you're really interested in that concept. lol.

This is all very very very very very conceptual at this point and it's just one idea. I dont think I"m honestly going to know if it's going to work until I'm actually started boarding it. However, this is a starting point. I'm really into it so far and I'm glad that I'm back on this idea because I almost dropped it. lol.

So now I've gotta pin down a story! After showing this stuff to my film workshop teacher, she told me that I have WAY too many character...which I agree with. I guess it's really a matter of figuring out who's vital. To me, the elder, the boy and the spirit are all vital characters. She wanted me to trash the older male character and I agree with that. So that's a place to start. I gotta figure this out! I'm really inspired. I'm going to make sure that I'm smart about this year's film and that i don't give myself way too much to do. I want to finish this film! i have two goals. I want to attempt dialogue and I want to have a visually pleasing film. Something that is pretty to look at that also has a story! We'll seeeeee. Development is funz.

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