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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why I made a new blog

Hey there. So I wanted to make this post before I start making posts about my art work. I simply wanted to state that It has become very apprent in my life that I no longer desire to be associated with the person I used to be. This new blog is a celebration of the person that I am now. Looking back at my old blog, I had a lot of things on there that were detrimental not only to my carrer, but also to my progress as an artist. When I go back and read my old blog entries, I laugh because they are so vulgar and they are the very definition of over sharing.

That being said, I am making this blog to start over again. And I will make sure to keep my text limited in length as well as content. My blog will exist as a place for anyone interested in my work and my process to view, comment on or enjoy.

I'd appreciate it if you all would watch me on my new blog as I have deleted my old one. I will reupload the best of the best for the sake of showing past work and explaining where I am now with my art work.

With all respect,

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