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Monday, March 7, 2011

FILM UPDATE: Some Unfinished animation

Hey guys, so I thought that I would update you on the progress of my film!! I've been working...semi hard on my film. I had a bit of a rough moment a week or so ago and didn't work on it for a week, needless to say I have a LOT of catching up to do. That aside, it still seems as though I'm getting a lot done. I've asked my dear friend, Chente, to color some of my scenes directly after I finish them. I am very very very thankful for him and his help. I'm sorta terrified at the prospect of coloring this film, but i desperately want to get it done and with the help of Chente, I think I will!

I've also gotten some of my music from my composer. I'm working with a great composer named Ryan Studer. He did some really impressive music for a film last year (who's name phases me) and I'm really looking forward to hearing what he has for me! Recently, he sent me a rough of his work. I was going to ask him if it was ok to publish it (as I'm a sucker for looking back at progress), but I'm impatient and I want to post this now! I have so much work to get done and I feel like I'm working hard yet still...getting not as far as I should be getting. But I'm of the belif that if I keep my head down and get to working I'll get it done! No partying for me this semester. Just work work work. I'm really excited to see this film finished, :D

So anyways, here's some -unfinished- animation. I thought I'd put this together to see how some of the scenes are flowing together as of now. I really like what I'm getting here. :) I have a bunch more scenes that are animated, btu it just so happened that these were the only ones that were consecutive. So that being said, Here's the update! I plan on updating you guys as MUCH as possible (and by you guys, i guess i mean the 5 people that subscribe to me! hahaha.

Enjoy. :D

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